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Could you imagine anything more painful than not being able to feed your children and having to watch them waste away before your very eyes? Can you imagine watching your parents starve to death, giving up their portions so that you and your siblings may eat? Sadly, this is the reality for people living in countries suffering from severe drought, poverty, floods, war, and famine.

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joseph's generation

Our Pastors dedicate their lives to service, doing God’s work giving their time, resources, and love to communities that are struggling through drought, poverty, famine and war.  Oftentimes they cannot afford to send them to school or clothe or shoe them. We support families who are struggling financially to supply their children with their most basic needs.

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Missions Fathers Touch

sponsor a child

Father’s Touch helps families who are in need and cannot afford to send their children to school. Often, the only meal these children will see is at school. Education is an environment where these children can grow academically and develop needed social skills as well as enjoy a filling and nutritious lunch.  Father’s Touch reaches out to families in awful circumstances in the following countries:

  • India
  • Nepal
  • Tanzania
  • Afghanistan
  • Pakistan

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feed families, sustain children and build schools

Your donations aid our pastors with their most basic needs for daily living as they devote themselves to building schools, educating the under privileged, feeding hungry families, ministering to the lost and risking their lives to do God's work.