Feed the hungry

Could you imagine anything more painful than not being able to feed your children and having to watch them waste away before your very eyes? Can you imagine watching your parents starve to death, giving up their portions so that you and your siblings may eat? Sadly, this is the reality for people living in countries suffering from severe drought, poverty, floods, war, and famine.

In Tanzania, our friend Pastor Gotte has been helping those who need food for over fifteen years. Tanzania has endured drought for many years and communities have suffered greatly through famine, sickness and death. Pastor Gotte has made it his mission to take sacks of corn to families in desperate need of food that they would otherwise never receive. One sack per family costs £20 GBP ($28 USD) and sustains each family by giving them vital nourishment and full stomachs.

Pastor Gotte has dedicated his life to helping those in need. He runs seven schools free of charge for children whose parents could not otherwise send them. Many of these children go days without eating. They struggle to focus on empty stomachs but show up every day for education; a fighting chance to make a better life in the future for themselves and their families. Some of these children faint, become lethargic and have to wear damaged, badly fitting school uniforms. You can help Pastor Gotte sustain these children and feed them by sponsoring a child for as little as £20 or $28 a month.

Click here to read more about Pastor Gotte’s work in Tanzania

feed families, sustain children and build schools

Your donations aid our pastors with their most basic needs for daily living as they devote themselves to building schools, educating the under privileged, feeding hungry families, ministering to the lost and risking their lives to do God's work.