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Joseph's generation, feed the hungry and sponsor a child

There are two ways in which you can sponsor a child:

Basic sponsorship is £20 GBP or $28 USD (£240 GBP / $336 USD per annum) which covers school fees and food.

Full sponsorship is £40 GBP or $54 USD (£480 GBP / $672 USD per annum) will cover education, clothing, school uniform, healthcare & food.

We are grateful for both monthly donations and yearly donations.

To donate via bank transfer

Account name: Fathers Touch
Sort code:  30-97-17
Account number: 00250906
Click here to donate in GBP or click here to donate in USD

Our Pastors dedicate their lives to service, doing God’s work giving their time, resources, and love to communities that are struggling through drought, poverty, famine and war.  Oftentimes they cannot afford to send them to school or clothe or shoe them. We support families who are struggling financially to supply their children with their most basic needs.

We have also have an outreach programme that supports the most unfortunate children to send them to school for an education and a hot meal in the following locations:


In situations where it is appropriate, we encourage you to write to your child as often as you can. It is always a joy to receive a letter from the person who is changing your circumstances and your sponsored child will feel so loved and so treasured receiving something special from their sponsor. Please be advised that we have limited translation resources and you may not receive a response to each letter.

We understand that circumstances can change both with the children and with the sponsors. If you wish to withdraw your support, please contact us a month before you do so that we may actively find a new sponsor so that the child does not lose their place in the sponsorship programme with regards to their current education, food and healthcare.
Very rarely, a child’s family’s financial status may change or the extended family may wish to have the child live with them, thus removing the child from the programme. In such cases, we will extend an invitation to you to continue sponsorship with another child in need.

Once you set-up your recurring donation on our official donations page, we will send you information about your sponsored child outlining where they live, who they are, age, circumstances and needs. You will also receive a monthly or yearly receipt of your donation, depending on the frequency of donation you have chosen.

feed families, sustain children and build schools

Your donations aid our pastors with their most basic needs for daily living as they devote themselves to building schools, educating the under privileged, feeding hungry families, ministering to the lost and risking their lives to do God's work.