wrapping the good news and gospel and give in social activities

Pastor Vinay is our friend in Maharashtra, and he has been working tirelessly to deliver God’s Message. He has planted more than 75 churches in India (and even reopened a church that closed 17 years ago!) and overlooks 435 churches in 5 states in India which has resulted in over 600 Baptisms!

Pastor Vinay has worked resolutely to support those in need through social activities. He donates fruit trees to poor families for them to grow and sell their own food and ensures communities have access to free water.  He also empowers the local village women to ‘learn and earn’ so that they can take care of their families.

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feed families, sustain children and build schools

Your donations aid our pastors with their most basic needs for daily living as they devote themselves to building schools, educating the under privileged, feeding hungry families, ministering to the lost and risking their lives to do God's work.